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Welcome to the DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL) Wiki. The purpose of this section of our website is to provide information, technical details, FAQs, support info and any other printed materials you might need in order to best use our products. Unlike many public open Wiki's, this one is provided as a read-only resource for you, our customer. However if you see something you think needs to be here, please let us know.


We also have a Blog where we publish the things we're thinking, working on or just plain goofing around with. It also contains information on what events we're involved in as well as any late breaking or of daily interest news.

Rental Beam Documentation

Rental Beam documentation is found starting at the Rental Beam entry page.

Main Website

Looking for our main Website? It's right here:

Finding your way around

On the left hand side you'll find a section entitled "products". Quick links to the starting pages for all of our products are found there, separated into the primary categories. Just click the link to start reviewing the info on that particular product or family of products. You may also use the Search box if you're hunting for a specific word, name or term.

To see a complete listing of all our products, visit the Products Category.

Each Product Family also has its own Category:

In-World Store Locations

As the creator of VLMVW (Virtual Landmarks for Virtual Worlds), I am using them to keep track of my In-World Store Locations. That way when I have to move things, the Landmarks here will always be correct. You can always view a list of all my Virtual Landmarks by visiting Virtual Landmarks for Darrius Gothly.

You can visit our In-World store locations by clicking any of the following links:

You can also view the full list of Rental Beam sales locations HERE.