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SEO Tools

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the science of analyzing and modifying a web page so that it is more visible to people using a search engine to find information. In Second Life**, the science of SEO is very important to anyone selling their products from an In-World store because potential customers use the Second Life All Search utility to find the stores and products they want. Early in 2010, Linden Lab replaced their previous Search Engine with the Google Search Appliance v6, also known as the GSA6.

Dawn of the Google Search Applicance

Shortly after the premier of the GSA6, we at DGP4SL began consulting and building devices to help Merchants and Store Owners improve their ranking in the results returned by Search. Our first product was a revolutionary HUD that analyzed the keywords found on the store's HTML page, presented results in an easy to read format, and helped boost many customers to the top. We then released tools to automate searching and to detect when the GSA6 had indexed their store's listing page. These three tools were then combined into a single 3-in-1 package called the SEO Tools Fatpack.

Navigating Search with DGP4SL

Late in 2010, LL shook up the Merchant Community by making changes in how the GSA indexes and ranks the listings. At first, the stores that were dominant in their field suddenly found themselves gone or seriously "lost" in the morass of other listings. As soon as we noticed the change, we set about studying the latest changes, and as a result released our newest SEO Tool. The new tool, called the Spim Prammer, has been an unqualified success since its release in December 2010.


Our first tool developed to help Merchants and Store Owners understand how their listings would rank in Search was an almost overnight success. By automating the laborious process of scanning the HTML listing, compiling the keywords and their various metrics, and then presenting the results in an easily handled format, the SRAP HUD turned an impossible task to a simple procedure.

The full documentation for the SRAP HUD is included in our Wiki located HERE.

Included free with the SRAP HUD is an Excel Spreadsheet Template that can be used along with the CSV output to quickly prepare a Competitive Analysis of the parcel's HTML listing page. Combining the SRAP HUD with the Excel Spreadsheet, you can quickly compare how your store will stand up against your competitors. The Spreadsheet Template as well as full instructions for its use are also available in our Wiki located HERE.

The SRAP HUD may be purchased at our Main Store in-world or by going to the new SL Marketplace HERE.

Search Bot

One of the most annoying and time consuming tasks is continually checking Search, looking for your Store's listing and then tracking its ranking in those results. It's not only boring but it's all too easy to miss a listing, lose count, or forget to perform the list of searches on a regular basis. Here at DGP4SL, we exist to make those onerous tasks simple by automating them whenever possible. To that end, we created the Search Bot.

Search Bot is a 1-Prim scripted object that is easily configured with a list of single- or multiple-word Search Terms, a combination of Maturity settings, and the Parcel or Store to find in the Search Results. Once deployed, Search Bot runs the Search Terms every hour, looks up the ranking for its Parcel, and records the last 28 days worth of ranking results. If the rank changes for any of the Search Terms entered, Search Bot will notify you immediately via email, showing the previous rank and the current rank.

With the Historical Database, Search Bot also brings one of the most valuable measures to the table ... a complete hour-by-hour recording of the ranking results presented in graph format. With a single click, you can open a web page that shows the history for the last 28 days in a simple and easy to read visual chart. It even keeps your data secure. The link to the graph is keyed with a time dependent lock that only lasts for one hour. This allows you to share the data with a friend or business partner, but keeps the data secure from unwanted eyes.

Search Bot may be purchased at our Main Store in-world or by going to the new SL Marketplace HERE.

Spider Catcher

Knowing how to adjust your Parcel or Store to maximize its rank in Search is only half the battle, you also need to know when those changes will appear. The GSA6 indexes and updates its data several times per day, but it may be as much as 24 hours after you make a change before it is reflected in the results ... and there is no indication when that has happened.

The Spider Catcher is a 1-Prim scripted object that watches Search Results and notifies you by email when it has detected an update to your Parcel's listing page. Simple to configure and deploy, Spider Catcher provides that key bit of information that can make the difference between just guessing and knowing.

The Spider Catcher may be purchased at our Main Store in-world or by going to the new SL Marketplace HERE.

SEO Tools Fatpack

Everyone loves a package deal, and so do we. To make your day better and to save a bit of money, we have combined the three most popular SEO Tools into a single Fatpack. Containing the Search Bot, Spider Catcher and SRAP HUD, the SEO Tools Fatpack delivers all three at a savings of L$250.

The SEO Tools Fatpack may be purchased at our Main Store in-world or by going to the new SL Marketplace HERE.

Spim Prammer

Our latest tool to help you compete in Search, the Spim Prammer is our most intelligent and sophisticated device yet. Built from our in-depth analysis of the GSA6 and the way it is used by Linden Lab, the Spim Prammer can rapidly help you customize your Parcel's listing to add Density to various keywords and phrases that help improve your rank.

But we didn't stop there. Since knowing when your Parcel's listing is indexed and the Search Data is updated, we combined the sophisticated keyword density tools with our Spider Catcher device. As a result, Spim Prammer can not only provide a drastic improvement in your rank, it also notifies you by email when your Parcel has been indexed. When you also purchase the Search Bot tool (above), the Spim Prammer completes your toolbox to make sure you show up in Search where you know you need to be.

The Spim Prammer is only available from our In-World Main Store. Visit us today by clicking HERE.

The BEST SL Search Engine Optimization Tools

Visit the DGP4SL Main Store in-world or purchase
our SEO Tools from the new SL Marketplace.

** Second Life is a Trademark of Linden Lab and is used here only to indicate the
platform we support. No infringement or authority is implied or intended.

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