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Beach Overlook

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Beachhouse Overlook

You've got your beach. You've got your boat or jetski. You've got the right drink and the right frame of mind. It's time to get the prefab that completes the picture. The Beachhouse Overlook was designed for you.

Starting with a traditional raised design, the stairs lead from the beach straight up to the landing and the single floor of the structure. The simple thatched roof covers the main floor area while the railing keeps you safe ... more or less. One end is open though, and when the Mai Tai's reach their optimal effect, you may wish to stay back a bit from the edge. But nothing can beat a sunset sitting around your favorite table, sharing stories and laughs with your best friends as you watch the waves roll in and bask in the cool sea breeze.

Visit our In-World Display Model HERE

One of our simplest and yet most popular prefabs, the DGP4SL Beachhouse Overlook is perfectly suited to any beachfront or sand dune landscape on Second Life. It isn't fancy, gaudy or full of trick features. But when you need that special "Hang Ten" hangout, nothing can compare.

Authentic detailing in the structure combined with quality craftsmanship result in a structure that is as enjoyable to view as it is to use. Bamboo cane walls, old wood flooring planks and handrails, and a very realistic thatch roof all lead to an overall appearance that screams Margaritaville. (Well .. it would scream it, but screaming is just too tiring and this is the time to relax, right?)

Kick off your sandals, wiggle those toes in the sand, mix up another round of whatever tropical elixir you prefer ... and settle in. This is THE place to set your woes on a boat sailing into the sunset of "I just don't care."

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