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You've got your own land finally. It's not a big chunk, but it's yours and you can't wait to move in. No sooner do you get set up and you discover that living on the ground just isn't for you. Too many visitors, too many eyes peering in all the time. So you do what most people do ... you opt for a Skybox. But which one to choose? There's all these shoeboxes for sale. They are nice and very low in Prims, but they all still look like shoeboxes. You really want something that FEELs like a home. Well you've found the right choice because the Skybox01 was designed just for you.

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Traditional Ranch Style Home in a Virtual World

Just because it's a virtual world doesn't mean you have to have a house that feels like something from Fahrenheit 451 or The Matrix. You can still find a traditional Ranch style, single level home that fits as well in the sky as it does on the ground. And it doesn't have to come with a Prim count that forces you to rent a giant parcel just to put up four walls.

Starting with both Dining Room and Kitchen areas, the centerpiece of any home, this prefab leads you into the Living Room with two large double windows. Touch the windows to open, touch again to close ... or just stand in the sunlight and enjoy the view they provide.

Just off the Living Room is the Master Bedroom with its massive Privacy window. The bedroom door may even be "locked" so that only specific people may open it. The window, while looking out cannot be seen from the outside. This gives you the best view possible without sacrificing your privacy in the least.

There is also a second bedroom, a Guest Room if you wish, that comes with its own lockable door and Privacy Window. Adjacent to the Master Bedroom is the Media Room, perfectly suited for a wall-sized TV and a comfy personal cuddle couch.

The finishing touch is the cozy Snuggle Corner. Situated on the corner of the house for maximum view, both windows are Privacy Windows allowing you to take in the full beauty of the night sky or just gaze across the exquisite sunrise/sunset on the water.

If you are looking for that special place that meets your needs for private living space, provides the right floor layout and features for the modern resident, and fits in the space and Prim Allotment available ... look no further. This is exactly the home you need.

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