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4-Level Mall

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4-Level Mall with Elevator

Opening a Mall is what you've always wanted to do,  but building one seems like such a pain. Do you get a giant parcel or even a whole Sim and spread out? Or should you build up and go with stairs and ramps or TP pads or ... ??? GAAHHHH!!! Don't worry, your solution is here. The DGP4SL 4-Level Mall with built-in Elevator is the answer to your dilemma.

Save yourself the time, the hassle and especially the frustration ... for both you and your customers ... by purchasing and installing the 4-Level Mall Prefab from DGP4SL. Unlike most mall layouts or prefabs, this structure comes complete with a fully functional elevator. No longer will your customers have to navigate confusing spiral staircases, or try to understand and work TP pads that only take them one level up or down. The V3 Elevator holds up to five people at a time and can rapidly and safely whisk passengers to the floor of their choice in seconds. Not only do they arrive unmussed, they also get a lovely eyeful of every level they pass.

Visit our In-World Display Model HERE

Four Levels, 16 Mini-stalls, Open Air Design

Each level of this spacious design is a full 40m x 40m. The built-in elevator services all four floors and can be easily customized with names of your choosing. Customers can rapidly travel from floor to floor without trying to navigate frustrating or confusing staircases, and they never have to bounce from floor to floor using level-at-a-time TP pads.

Every floor also includes four pre-made Mini-stalls. These stalls are perfect for those tiny shops or kiosks, but because the 4-Level Mall is full Mod/Copy permitted, you can easily remodel or remove them to suit your specific needs.

Stone and granite texturing on the columns and floors adds that right touch of authenticity for Gorean or Period style malls. The open air design means people will feel comfortable and unconstrained as they wander around visiting all the shops.

Stop shoving Prims around. Stop torturing yourself and your customers by forcing them to navigate complicated stairways. Set the proper tone and ambience to open their minds and their wallets today ... with the 4-Level Mall from DGP4SL.

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