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Biosphere 2.0

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Biosphere 2.0

You live in Second Life, you work in Second Life, you play in Second Life ... but do you have to have Second Rate? No way! The Biosphere 2.0 is without question the most unique and most spacious of all Prefabs available today, bar none. Designed for the person that needs living space, working space and playing space all in one, this structure has everything. Best of all, it manages to fit all this into just 13 Prims!

Comprised of three giant (60m x 60m x 60m) Spheres, Biosphere 2.0 has five separate levels. Each level is textured and configured for the various needs you might encounter in your Second Life. Because of its massive size, you will need a full 4096 sqm parcel (64m x 64m minimum), but with today's land glut and the going prices, anything less is just not even worth your time.

Purchase the Biosphere 2.0 from Xstreet SL or Visit our In-World Display Model HERE

Five Levels - Five Uses - One Structure

Open Space - At the top of the Biosphere is the Open Space level. Approximately 54m in diameter, this level is carpeted in basic indoor/outdoor commercial grade carpeting. Floor to ceiling windows enable maximum view of the outside world while allowing outside lighting to flood the area. Large enough to house most normal prefabs, this area is perfect for commercial or business use, or even to put a separate house.

Conference Room - Next is the Conference Room level. Equipped with a semi-circular conference table, the included (but optional) seating arrangement provides nine separate chairs, all within the 20m Chat Range. This critical feature means those important meetings can be held with complete assurance that everyone can always "hear" everyone else.

Stars & Moon - When it's time to get away for a bit and you just need to stare off into the night sky, the Stars and Moon level is the place to go. Not only is this level massive, but it includes a highly detailed orbiting moon (created using high precision lunar maps from NASA) and a realistic star-filled night sky. Set up your dance floor, put down a few snuggle couches, and you have the ultimate private getaway for you and that someone special.

Forest Night - The soft texturing of a forest floor, calm and quiet star filled sky, smaller intimate size make this level perfect for the bedroom or private getaway space too. (It also makes a dandy place to put those "unique" devices that no one really knows you have. *wink wink*)

Green Space - The lowest level of the Biosphere 2.0 is the most open and the most outdoorsy of all. From inside, the walls appear totally transparent, but from the outside they are completely opaque, giving you the utmost privacy possible. The ground is a lush green grass that feels good on your toes (should you have that desire to run around barefoot ... or bare whatever).

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