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Sensor Band

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Sensor Band

If you've spent any time in Second Life, you are probably familiar with the concept of a Radar. This is a common device that tells you who is nearby and often how far away. Some Viewers (most notably the excellent Emerald Viewer from Modular Systems) provide this feature as part of the program itself. But they all suffer one very nasty problem ... you have to LOOK at them to know when someone comes near. Even worse, in busy situations, you might not spot a special name in among the list of names shown. Whether that is someone you really want to see, or someone you'd rather not see, you still have to keep your focus on the screen to know ... are they there or not.

The Sensor Band from DGP4SL solves these problems in a unique way ... by employing another of your five senses, Hearing. Every time someone enters the selected range, the Sensor Band plays a sound. Is there someone special that you really want to see? Add them to the Sensor Band's Friend List and you will also hear a special sound just for them. Maybe there's someone you'd rather NOT see too. Put their name on the Avoid List, and you'll hear them approach as well.

Finally you can do your work, use another full-screen program, or just turn away from your computer for a moment and not worry that you'll miss someone important.

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