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You run a store or business in Second Life. You need a way for your customers to contact you, but the only methods provided by SL are Instant Messages (IMs) or Notecards. For various reasons, you really prefer that people send you Notecards, but when they do send them, you have to log in to read them. Blah! What you need is a way to read them without having to log in. The Mailbox from DGP4SL is the solution.

When someone drops a Notecard into the Mailbox, it is read, turned into a plain text email message and sent directly to your private address. With the Mailbox, your private email address stays private too because it is encrypted and stored in the device itself. This allows you to configure one, then set them out anywhere and everywhere your customers might need to contact you. Because it is stored as part of the device itself, you don't have to reconfigure each and every one. Just rez out the preconfigured copy and drop it wherever you wish.

Purchase the DG Mailbox from Xstreet SL or Visit our In-World Store HERE

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