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Debug Msg Repeater

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Debug Message Repeater

If you are a Geek, or a Scripter, or even if you are just one of those that likes to know what's going on with your stuff in Second Life then you probably have a feature enabled in your Viewer that displays Debug Messages in with the regular Local Chat text. Sad to say though but a lot of folks don't use this feature, and worse, don't know when the stuff they're wearing or using is "broken".

Okay, off come the Kid Gloves ... a LOT of people break their stuff by accident too. Sadly they don't even know it. One of the most common mistakes people make is they delete an animation from their AO (Animation Overrider) and never edit the configuration notecard for it. As a result, everywhere they go, they wind up spamming chat with nonstop Debug Messages about their broken AO.

The Debug Message Repeater helps you help those folks by showing them their stuff is broken. It also helps you by describing exactly who is sending out the messages and where they're located. Any Debug Messages broadcast by a broken or failing device are captured by the Debug Message Repeater and shown to you, but with additional information about the source and their location. (The basic messages you normally see in chat just show the message, but not who or where.)

And when you're feeling really "helpful", you can enable the Targeting feature. Once turned on, this feature sends out a flurry (okay more like a swarm) of sprites that fly from mid-air straight at the person sending out the messages. (See the example sprite to the right.) These sprites are visible to everyone, but since they come from out of nowhere, the only thing people know is ... some poor fool needs help with their stuff!

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