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1-Prim Slide Show

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1-Prim Slide Show

We all collect pictures (or "Textures" as they are called in Second Life). Pictures of friends, events, places we love ... whatever it might be. Those pictures remind us of the joy and pleasure we find in our second lives. Of course, we like to share those pictures too. With the 1-Prim Slide Show from DGP4SL, you can not only share them with guests that visit your home, you can also hand them out as gifts.

Celebrating a special event? Sharing memories and good times? Bragging about the crazy things you did and survived? Whatever your reason, the 1-Prim Slide Show lets you pack all the pictures into a single Prim device and give them away.

Purchase the 1-Prim Slide Show from Xstreet SL or Visit our In-World Store HERE

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