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Prefab Structures



Biosphere 2.0
4-Level Mall
Beach Overlook

Prefab Structures

Once you decide that you're actually going to "live" in Second Life, you need to find a place to live in. Sure, you can buy one of those cookie-cutter homes just like everyone else. But you're not like everyone else, you need someplace special, someplace that expresses your own sense of style, offers space or features that are just a bit out of the ordinary, or meets other criteria specific to your needs. What you need is a Prefab that stands out from all the rest, that is designed with care and attention to detail, and above all else fits within your budget for both money and Prims.

At DGP4SL, we have listened to the concerns of others, added in our own particular taste and desires, and created a series of Prefab Structures that are unique, high in quality and detail, yet remain wide open for you to add your own personal touches. We feel that these structures will satisfy even the most demanding tastes while providing you with a home or business you'll be proud to live and work in.

Biosphere 2.0 - Massive doesn't begin to describe it ... but all this space fits in only 13 Prims!

4-Level Mall with Elevator - Granite, Stone, Columns, Open Air, Store Stalls ... does it really need more?

Skybox01 - Live in the sky in a Ranch style home with all the amenities and only 57 Prims

Beachhouse Overlook - Sunrise, Sunset, or just sitting and watching the waves roll in ... the ultimate hangout for your beach side parties

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