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The Flyers



The Flyers

Getting around in Second Life has always been a fairly easy proposition, you just double-click the proper Landmark from your Inventory and presto ... there you are. But if one thing is constant in Second Life, it's change. Many times those precious Landmarks are outdated within a day or two. Even when they're your own LMs, as you move, build, change and reinvent, you wind up with a whole pile of stale LMs that lead you to places unknown.

The Flyers from DGP4SL were designed to put an end to that problem. Based on the premise that a world as dynamic as Second Life needs Teleportation that is "Live", the three styles offer nearly instant travel, guaranteed live locations and easy management unlike any other competing system.

Public Transportation with a Virtual World Twist

Most of us are familiar with public transportation systems such as buses and subway trains. Most large cities are crisscrossed with a network of Routes or Lines, each with its own set of Stops. The Flyer Series takes this concept into the Virtual World with Flyer Networks and Locations. Flyer Networks are similar to bus routes or subway lines. Flyer Locations are like bus stops or subway stations

Instantly Accessible from Anywhere by Anyone

Included with every version of The Flyers is a HUD that allows you to call a Flyer instantly. Unlike buses or subways that force you to go to one of their predefined stops or stations, the Flyer HUDs let you summon a Flyer and teleport to your desired destination within seconds.

Nobody Goes Alone

One of the revolutionary features of the Flyer series is its ability to teleport more than one person at a time. Second Life is, after all, a Community Experience. When exploring the vast array of interesting and exciting places in this virtual world, more often than not we are with someone. Called Multiseat TP, the Flyers all provide Teleportation for up to six people at the same time.

Privacy and Security

The Flyers also provide a unique ability to control access to any Location. Simple controls allow you to quickly "Lock Down" each Location so only specific people may see it and teleport to it. In seconds, you can secure a Location or unlock it and make it visible to anyone. You can even hide an entire Network so only specific people can see it.

The DG Flyer

The introductory version of the Flyer family, the DG Flyer provides up to 12 Locations per Network that can be placed anywhere on your Parcel or Sim. With the DG Flyer, you may also install as many Networks as you wish.

The InstaFlyer

The next step up removes the two primary limitations of the DG Flyer, number of Locations and number of Flyers per Network. The InstaFlyer rezzes a Flyer on demand and instantly sends it to you. As soon as you arrive at your destination, the Flyer vanishes. The InstaFlyer is perfect for commercial use or heavy traffic public Sims where the number of people wishing to use it means more than one Flyer might be needed at any one time.

The Grid Flyer

The top of the line Grid Flyer removes the last limitation, restriction to a single Sim. With the Grid Flyer, you can create Networks that span the entire Second Life Grid. Networks can be created that are publicly accessible and visible to all, private only to you and cannot be used by anyone else, or secured and only accessible to those that you authorize.

Even with the Grid-wide capabilities, the Grid Flyer Locations are always live. This means that changes to any Location anywhere in the Network are instantly echoed to everyone. The Grid HUD allows your friends and guests (or customers) to access any Location no matter where they are in Second Life. Just a few clicks and they are instantly teleported exactly where they want to go, no matter where that is or how recently it was moved.

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