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Our Second In-World Store - Teleporters To Go

One of our most popular lines is our Flyer Series of teleporters. Most people aren't just satisfied to look at them online either, they want to try them out, kick the tires and give them a ride ... just to make sure they work as advertised. So we listened, we heard, and we answered with a store just for teleporters. You can read all about the DG Flyer Series here, but really you know you want to go see them too. Here's your chance ... click HERE to visit the DGP4SL Teleporter Store in Second Life now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

If you have an In-World store then you are familiar with the vagaries of In-World Search. Some stores rank well, some don't even appear, and understanding why is one of those black magic arts very few understand. Well we at DGP4SL are never satisfied with "it's FM" as an answer, so we created and sell the most revolutionary line of SEO Tools ever produced for Second Life. See our overview of the tools on the SEO Tools Product Page ... or better yet take yourself In-World to our Main Store and get yours today. Stop guessing, start knowing ... and WIN!

The Techie Hunt

(30-May-2010) We received notice today that our application to be in the Techie Hunt (http://techiehunt.tumblr.com) was accepted! WOOT! This Hunt will begin August 1st, 2010 and continue thru August 31st. Please visit their website for complete details. Now, we just need a good gift to hand out to all the folks chasing down the Techie stuff.

Our FIRST In-World Store

(03-June-2010) We've finally done it. Our first In-world store has finally opened. While not completed yet (is anything ever really finished?) it is open and operational. You can either click HERE to teleport there or click this picture of the store:

New In-World Support Group

With the updating and revamping of the product group, a new Customer Support In-World Group was created. The new Group is called ! DGP4SL ! and should be searchable. Just open Search, select Groups then enter the search term DGP4SL. It's free to join and open enrollment, but ...

New Subscribe-O-Matic Group

We have also signed up for the basic Subscribe-O-Matic program. It's easy to see why this program is so popular. It literally took longer to open the instructions notecard than to actually set up the Group. If you don't use it yet .. GET IT!

Progress on the In-World Stores

As the In-World Store Plan progresses, the product mix is beginning to shape up. It raises the idea of having many little "Theme Shops" where each 10x20 platform store has a single theme. Such as "TP Devices", "Utilities and Tools", "Building Components", etc. All of them would be interwoven using the DG Grid Flyer. So stay tuned .. we're working on it.

New Product Announcements

Keep your eye on the product announcements. A couple of big things are in the wind .. and that's all they'll let us say. *wink, wink*

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