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Stop looking so gull durn SERIOUS!! It's time to have FUN!

The Cannonball, one of the products in our "AnnoyzaToyz" line of fun products, is a little experiment in Physics for Second Life. Defying gravity, floating in mid-air, flying WAAAAAYYY up there ... and then crashing to Earth with hilarious results. Absolutely the goofiest ride you'll ever take in Second Life.

If you're looking for something to educate your mind, keep on looking. But if you have this burning desire to giggle like a six-year old boy with a new magnifying glass and an ant hill ... you GOT to get you one of these.

How It Works

Cannonball is a Physical object in Second Life that is controlled (well only sorta controlled LOL) by a Script. When you touch the Cannonball, the script nullifies and then overcomes the effects of gravity, sending the Cannonball skyward. When it reaches the peak of its climb, gravity starts to take over and the Cannonball plummets back to earth. So why is that so funny?

Because You're Riding It!

After rezzing the Cannonball, jump inside and "Sit" on one of the platforms. Then back up with your cam and *Touch*

The Cannonball In Action

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