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Welcome to DG Products for Second Life, or DGP4SL as we are affectionately known. This website is where we try to make sense of all that Neat Stuff we sell on Second Life. You'll find various information, documentation, obfuscation and pontification within these pages. We also hope you find your solution or your answer, whichever brought you here.

Our Mission

Second Life is one of those places where "Anything Goes", or at least that's the theory. We also know that when it comes to commercial markets, that "Anything" gets shrunk down pretty fast. So it is our one goal to try and keep the edges of the market pushed out some, and do so while adding fun, enjoyment, creativity and a bit of insanity to the virtual world of Second Life.

A Word About the name "Second Life"
The name Second Life is rightly owned by Linden Lab and we make no claim on it. We only use it in our name to help folks identify the platform we support. No Infringement Is Intended.

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information & Sales: Darrius Gothly
Customer Support & Webmaster: DGP4SL Support
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